1st March 2013 - “Erin McDonnell, who serves as President of Design Group of Philadelphia, LLC clients. The award – winning interior designer has worked on various upscale residences in the Philadelphia area. These include The Barclay, The Lanesbrough, Residences at the Ritz Carlton, 2 Liberty and many more homes throughout the Mainline and suburbs.”

Erin McDonnell has a keen interest in all aspects of interior design. The well-known and highly respected interior designer loves the challenge that residences offer her. Over the years, she’s become an expert at creating budget conscious, innovative interior designs that are tasteful and in sync with her clients’ needs and desires. For McDonnell tackling a home-based renovation project always brings her back to the basics.

“I’m always amazed at the end of a project by the results,” said McDonnell. “Even though I know what to expect…how something will look in the end, when I see a kitchen, dining room, bedroom or other area come together, there’s always this sense that these concepts I came up with in working with the homeowner magically occurred. Of course they didn’t,” the interior designer observes, “that finished room or entire home took hours upon hours of work.”

In order to serve a client properly, McDonnell must be aware of their design objectives. This is the first step in a process that involves color coordination, furniture, fabric selection, wall coverings, window treatments, and lighting. Because every residence is different and each homeowner diverse, McDonnell is constantly challenged when trying to find the right look for a room and the correct details needed to make it appealing to the homeowner and anyone who enters that home.

McDonnell acknowledges, “I’m very detailed oriented, which is extremely important when you’re working on the interior design of someone’s home. A homeowner tends to know their residence inside out and that means they have an intimate connection with that space. Often they have pet peeves about their home that are very specific, things they want changed and/or fixed. There may also be some aspects that they absolutely love and don’t want touched.” McDonnell concludes, “That means as an interior designer you’re walking a bit of a tightrope as you attempt to make every detail as perfect as can be.”

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