The United States of America; 22 August, 2014: The most difficult part of doing something creative and innovative is the initiation. Every creative idea needs financial backing, however strong or minimal, to be realised. Kickstarter is one website that enables enthusiasts of innovation support others financially to help them realise the concept. The Descendant of Aphrodite is one of the latest projects posted at the online crowd-funding resource. It is a book inspired by Greek mythology and written by an indie author named Lyzeth Inurrigarro. The project has been created by Miriam Herrera at Kicksarter and has already earned $20 from 2 backers while more than a month remains to fund the remaining $500. 

The Descendants of Aphrodite is a fiction with dream, prophecy and bloodlines as the major elements that weave the story. The story develops as the different elements gradually fall in places. Its writer, Lyzeth Inurrigarro, is a self-publishing author and a resident of Houston, Texas. The book published using the fund raised from Kickstarter will be available on pan-US scale and will be supplied to contributors with special and exclusive gifts depending upon the sum donated by them. The writer herself is a generous contributor and regularly donates to various literary campaigns such as Nanowrimo in order to support the culture of reading and writing. 

Inurrigarro is a graduate from Elsik High School. It was during the school days that she discovered her creativity in writing. Besides, the librarian at the school encouraged the indie author to allow her imagination soar and subsequently pen them. Thus, the hobby of fiction imagination gradually turned into a saga as the story developed and characters were included into it. Since Inurrigarro will self-publishthe book, all the fund raised through Kickstarter will be spent on editing, formatting, paperback, publishing, printing, copyright, international standard book number (ISBN) and promotion. Promotional bookmarks, pins and T-shirts have already been readied and so has been met the need for an editor. 

The book falls into several genres, including LGBT. It is the story of Carina who gets lost in a dream world with Morpheus. Thus, her greatest fear comes to life. However, the attack by extinct creatures on the Academy transforms her into a fighter. She has to fight to the one end of time to find the lost items. The story has traitors as well as tests friendship. What remains to be read, among other things, is whether gods will help her or let her alone save the World. 

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Kickstarter is an online crowd-funding resource that supports creative and innovative concepts to be produced as tangible physical work. It was launched in 2009 and has supported more than 68,000 projects with $1 billion donated by 6.8 million members. Arts, comics, crafts, dance, design, fashion, film, food, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology, theatre are the categories into which projects can be posted.