For more than forty years, the team from Dentist@6 have established their brand in Coventry. They’ve assisted thousands of local people to achieve the perfect smile and maintain their oral health. The company offers some of the most advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures on the market today. That is why so many of their patients return time and time again. Nobody likes spending time in the chair, but the people who use this practice only have positive things to say about it. That is why the business has grown exponentially since it first launched.

These dental experts know that treatments are often expensive. For that reason, they offer 0% financing deals to their clients. That means they don’t need the money upfront to take part. Customers won’t find that from any other cosmetic dentist in Coventry . Alongside that benefit, the company also offers a flexible appointment system. These guys understand that many people have work and family commitments. So, they remain as fluid as possible when it comes to making bookings. They will always try to see their patients at a time that suits them. Some of the most popular procedures at the moment include:

- Dental Implants
- Teeth Whitening
- Orthodontics
- Preventive Dentistry
- Smile Makeovers
- And lots more

As well as their cosmetic work, the guys from Dentist@6 also handle emergency cases like:

- A toothache or swelling in the mouth
- A lost or broken tooth
- A lost crown, filling or veneer
- A broken bridge, denture or implant
- A broken or loose orthodontic braces

Patients registered with the practice can always get an appointment within 24 hours. Those not registered are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible. The team will do their best to find a slot in the same timeframe. However, sometimes it can take a little longer depending on workload.

There are some excellent special offers available through the Dentist@6 website right now. They include:

New Patient Offer - Half price examinations and sale & polish treatments

Free Consultations - For dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and smile makeovers

People living in Coventry, and those who reside in the UK can trust this brand. They have more experience than most of their competitors, and they care about their patients. They even specialise in dealing with those who might get nervous in the chair. So, give them a call or get in touch via their website today. There is no time to lose. The perfect smile is just around the corner.

Marcus Amberton
Company: Dentist@6
Address: West House, Braeside Business Park, Sterte Avenue, West Poole, BH15 2BX, UK
Telephone Number: 01202 677 277
Email: [email protected]