Reusable items are getting more and more favored by many. They’re not just items those can be used multiple times but also friendly for the environment. Reusable straws are exactly the environmentally friendly items loved by many especially by those who greatly care about earth’s environment.

May 13, 2016 — Drinking straws are being used again and again by a lot of people. These items are usually disposable items those many people won’t bother to think about. In America alone, there are around 500 million straws being used in every single day. That is a lot of straws and these straws are made of plastics. As known already, plastics are one of the greatest enemies of the environment. There have been countless of damages can be found within the environment.

As many people start to think about the environment the conventional straws can no longer be used. Then, what should be done to answer to the demand of straws such as the smoothie straws or the milkshake straws? That there are billions of straws being sued every day all around the world means that they’re highly needed. This kind of problem had been thought carefully by DeLa’Casa that designed straws that can be used over and over again.

Don’t dump the straws! There’s no mistake that pollution will only get worse but a drinking straw that can be used multiple times will be a great option indeed. Reusable products are eco-friendly and must be the main options for many. Straws made by DeLa’Casa are made with food grade BPA-free silicone. It will be safe for the cold and even the hot beverages. Knowing that this kind of product exists is reassuring. This means a lot for the Mother Earth as the pollution gets worse and worse day by day.

There is no reason burden the earth furthermore with garbage such as the unused plastic tumbler that has been used once and can no longer be used. If this kind of items is kept on being dumped, the world will be filled with mountains of garbage those may not be able to be decomposed. Reusable straws are perfect choice. They’re eco-friendly and made from quality materials safe to be used by anyone. These straws are also designed to look good and colorful.

About DeLa’Casa:

Providing eco-friendly products has been a commitment of DeLa’Casa. For the time being, it may only be colorful straws those can be used multiple times. In the near future, it may develop more products by keeping the environment in mind. For more information about  DeLa’Casa Reusable straws please visit


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