October 15, 2015, Chicago, IL, United States- According to a recent survey, there has been a massive growth in bed bug infestation in past couple of years. In fact, there’s hardly any town left in United States that’s not experiencing an outbreak of bed bugs. Although, there are several bed bug solutions out there, most of them resort to harsh chemicals, which can be quite harmful to the human beings.

The good news is that there’s a new solution in the market called “Defensive End!” that’s completely safe and natural, and meets the aims and guidelines of the Draft on Federal Bed Bug Strategy of 2013 prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in forming an Integrated Pest Management strategy. Derived from food grade amorphous freshwater silica, Defensive End comes with easy to use video instructions. Moreover, once the order has been placed, the buyer stays updated with automated tracking emails during shipment.

Some of the key features that make Defensive End the best solution for getting rid of bed bugs are:

-    All of the ingredients found in Defensive End! are natural
-    Works Immediately
-    No installation or mixing. Simply apply it in a strategic location and see its immediate effect
-    Backed by numerous entomology reports and clinical research and tests
-    A 100% Made in USA Product with fast shipping nationally and worldwide
-    Money Back Guarantee

For more information, simply visit: http://www.defensive-end.com

Company Name:  TrueGritUSA LLC
Contact Person: Patrick Warren VP of Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (213) 453-0569
Website: http://www.defensive-end.com