The Deer Antler Store is pleased to announce the milestone marker of their fifth year being in online and in business! A lot has changed since their portal website was launched half a decade ago, but they still remain focused on providing the best selection of authentic deer antlers to furniture makers, hunters, artists and collectors. No matter what your reason for purchasing deer antlers, you are sure to find the best selection at the lowest prices using the Deer Antler Store's customized web portal.

Jarrod Weston originally launched the Deer Antler Store as a side project to help connect those looking to buy deer antlers with those looking to sell them. Not long ago, it was nearly impossible to purchase authentic deer antlers. While some stores and business sold faux antlers made from molds and plastics, these weren't the best option to use for crafting furniture. Weston saw this problem and launched the Deer Antler Store just over five years ago as a solution.

It wasn't all smooth sailing when Weston originally launched his website, The Deer Antler Store. Like many startup sites and business, he was forced to troubleshoot a number of technical and logistical problems to offer visitors the best all-around shopping experience. Just a couple years later, however, it's safe to say he accomplished this by implementing technology that connects deer antler buyers and sellers together. When asked about his early goals for the site, Jarrod stated “At first, I simply wanted to create a website where people could easily find deer antlers for sale, but over time I wanted to improve and work on customer service.”

The truth is that some people are surprised to learn that there's even a market and demand for deer antlers. If you are wondering what these unique items are used for, let me explain — deer antlers are extremely durable, attractive and offer a natural rustic appearance. As a result, they are useful for a number of projects, such as crafting lamps, chandeliers, picture frames, knives, letter openers and much more. Of course deer hunters also use authentic antlers to create callers with. By connecting two sides of a deer antler rack together with a string or piece of rope, you have an effective rattler that can be used to attract nearby deer.

After browsing and shopping around The Deer Antler Store for a while, you'll probably notice just how informative and resourceful the site is. Originally, the site was intended to be a simple portal site where people could go to purchase deer antlers for sale. Now, however, Weston and his team have worked to offer visitors a number of helpful resources, including articles on hunting deer antler sheds, how to train your dog to find sheds, antler pricing and valuation, characteristics of the most common deer, and much more.

Whether you need deer antlers for furniture, artwork or just to make a rattler, you can rest assured knowing The Deer Antler Store offers the best selection. However, Weston has gone above and beyond the call of duty by placing his visitors first. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact Weston.

Jarrod Weston
Atlanta, GA
[email protected]