(Free Press Release) Deepa Sahi on BIG Indian Comedy Awards

Deepa Sahi, the actor-turned-director of Tere Mere Phere, a comedy flick on love & marriage, came to promote her film at the launch of BIG Indian Comedy Awards. Said Deepa that she was spell bound by the impromptu performances of well know stand up actors like Navin Prabhakar, Rehman, Sunil Pal, Sudesh Lahiri, VIP, Rajeev Mehta &, Anang Desai from the TV serial Khichidi…who have taken comedy to a different level altogether. She felt very happy that these artistes are getting appreciated for all the hard work they do…making people laugh!
At he launch press meet these great standup actors were just taking off on trivial subjects and making fun of each other, but had the entire room filled with the press and audience in splits. With comedy, Deepa seemed to have hit the right genre for her directorial debut film.
Sahi who has acted with the Bollywood Badshah & Bollywood legend, in films like Maya Memsaab (with Shah Rukh Khan) & Hum(with Amitabh Bachchan),and Tamas, a television series on partition, took a bold step when she decided to make a comedy film which according to her was a roller coaster ride interspersed with humor and emotions.

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