One of the best things about owning a house with a great yard is that it opens up so many options for decorating.  What makes yards especially unique for decorating is the fact that when you’re just getting started, they are essentially just wide open spaces that you can basically do whatever you want with.  Pergola kits  are most often used in decorating yards, but anyone who is out to  buy pergola kits  will find that just with the kits alone there are many different customization options.

There are some of the more obvious customization options that you would expect in a pergola, such as having different materials or having it come in different colors, but you can also customize the size, which is something that is very important when it comes to decorating anything in the outdoors.  Being able to change the size makes it possible to purchase a pergola which can then be used for social situations, giving a place for people to gather outside and still have some level of protection from the natural elements.  It can also make it easier to store furniture outside as it can be kept under the pergola.  

There are some pergolas which can also have walls instead of just being open.  Again, these can be good for social situations, and obviously much more effective at keeping out the weather, but for many part of the charm of pergolas comes from the fact that they are open as this lets them truly experience the outdoors.  A walled pergola is more for someone who just wants to enjoy the view, but be completely protected from weather, often times appearing more in places that are known for their less forgiving climates.

Pergolas aren’t just used for social situations though, and there are many instances where they will be placed over plants.  The use of a pergola in this case is to help protect the plants from getting overwhelmed by rain, something which can actually be harmful to certain plants that can get drowned out by too much water, but still benefit from being outside and being able to get sunlight.

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