Upgrading your pool front or your yard with a wide deck is a great of adding more usable surface to the space. Decks have two added advantages, they play up the aesthetics and work up the utility of the free space. However, all of that depends on the decking material one uses for the construction. Decking Aire Valley services offer a plethora of choices and that makes the idea of having a deck all the more fun. When decking Bingley services are availed for a house, the climate of the place is taken into consideration when making suggestions for the building materials. Take a look at the options when building a deck area within your homestead.



These ones are made of wooden fibre, but the difference with wood-only decks comes with the fact that it is made with a composition of wood and polyethylene.  They look great, very low on maintenance and come in a range of colours. These decks also have different texturing, most of which is close to wood. The decks have heating planks that makes walking on them in bare feet comfortable. Designs are possible on them through in-laid decorations. The composite decks usually come with a warranty of 25 years. They are low on maintenance and the wooden surface barely needs a wash every three or four years.


Pressure-Treated Wood

The pressure-treated wooden decks are permeated with insecticides and anti-rot agents. The woods are treated with arsenic so that termites and other perils do not infect the deck easily. However, that was a thing of the past for the new wooden decks use less toxic treating agents like copper. So, unless you set the deck on fire, it is not likely to emit anything health hazardous. The colours available in pressure-treated wooden decks are brown and tan. Even stains hide well on the brown surface of the decks. They are warranted for decades, but they do require a refinishing every year with a stain concealing materials.



Redwood is definitely expensive, but is one of the best materials available to construct a deck area, according to decking Aire Valley makers. It is strong, yet lightweight, luxuriant yet long lasting. The heartwood of a redwood tree is rot-resistant, and wears the darkest share of cinnamon red. The sapwood is cream in colour which is often preferred for decking, but is prone to rapid deterioration and rotting.



Nothing can beat the warm tones of timber. Cedar is one of the most preferred decking materials because of its luxuriant looks, easily workable structure and inexpensiveness. The dark colour of the heartwood is preferred better than the sapwood as it withstands the agents of erosion better. A cedar wood decking Bingley may last you 15 to 20 years, if kept well maintained and lacquered.


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