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Valley Cottage, NY - As manager said “DEAR HEART Has been designed expressly for YOU to Write in Your Heart and Change Your Life on DEARHEART.WEBSITE. Have your very own ONLINE DIARY and learns ways to change your life.  Our Forums will grow by leaps and bounds and we want you to be a part of it!!!”

“If YOU want to share your problems, concerns, hurts, etc., anonymously…“
“If YOU want to share YOUR dreams, goals, wants, etc., anonymously…“
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“If YOU want to live closer to Jesus and His teachings…“
“If YOU want many, many caring people to pray for YOU…“
“If YOU want to write about others anonymously, and how they are impacting your life…“
“If YOU also want to make comments, give opinions, etc., using your name, association, etc…“
“If YOU want to recommend certain literature, or share something inspiring, encouraging, etc…..“
“If YOU want input from others and/or give your input to others or share your beliefs…“
“If YOU want a better life for yourself and YOUR loved ones and the world…“
“If YOU want to change some of your bad habits and harmful feelings and harmful ways…“
“If YOU want to openly compliment a person or a business…”

“Then Write in YOUR heart at DEAR HEART.WEBSITE and begin YOUR magnificent journey to help change YOUR life and the life of others and perhaps the world. Have YOUR diary at DEARHEART.WEBSITE.”

Become a Member and be exposed to a wide range of benefits and opportunities and help grow the mission of DEAR HEART to help change lives and the world using the Teachings of Christ and all that encompasses true LOVE and the other Fruits of the Spirit (Longsuffering, Faith, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Joy, Peace, and Self Control). These ARE the Law, for they are born from the Holy Spirit and maketh US—truly alive and true followers of CHRIST.
DEAR HEART is designed to help user change life and the lives of others for the better. They offer THE FIRST TIME EVER ONLINE DIARY (Write in Your Heart) where user can write anonymously in YOUR heart, i.e., to write Dear Heart instead of Dear Diary to express  problems, heartache, etc.. User will find unique and spiritual ways of helping to change life.


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