Dear DIARY fiasco in SAB TV’s Sahib BiwiAur Boss


Get ready for tons of drama as we get a sneak peek into the upcoming episodes of Sahib BiwiAur Boss.


Anisha (MugdhaChaphekar) consoles her friend Simi, who is going through a rough patch in her love life. Shanti (Supriya Shukla) enters at this moment, asking for food. She spots a diary, and assuming it is Anisha’s, reads it. As Shanti sifts through the diary she realizes that Anisha wants to run away with Vinod Khanna (Dhruv Singh). Shocked Shanti relays this information to Sunny (Vipul Roy) who is equally stunned. Shanti then calls Anisha regarding this which leads to further misunderstanding.


Meanwhile Sunny is terribly upset and does not behave well with Anisha. He tries to impress Mandodari (ReshamTipnis) to show Anisha that he is happy which infuriates her. The misunderstanding keeps on escalating and both Sunny and Anisha get embroiled in it.


Will the two of them manage to clear the air and get back to normal?


MugdhaChapekar who plays Anisha in SAB TV’s Sahib BiwiAur Boss said, “It has been a fun couple of days shooting this segment. Anisha finds herself in the centre of a misunderstanding she has no idea about. It will be fun to see how Anisha and Sunny, who are angry at each other, sort this one out!”


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