Beginning with Episode zero, this prelude to the other 25 episodes presents male characters who can be flirted with in other episodes.  By getting to know the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of the male characters and their inner thoughts, players gain access to certain secrets.

Players are challenged to predict what the male characters will do and say during the event.  Each character is created with a specific goal in mind which the player must discover.  Character personalities are crafted with care, the dialogues are intriguing, the visual design of the game is meticulously stitched together, and the concept is moving.

With different choices offered throughout each episode, players are entitled to different rewards.  All rewards, information, and progress in the game is saved onto the website.  There is no need to log into the server daily and progress is never limited, unlike other online games.  Darkrelic wants all players to simply enjoy playing the game instead of being trapped by binding marketing strategies.  Therefore, points earned during the game are not needed to progress, but can be spent on fun extras.

Since the game is a visual novel genre, along with reading the story, a strong visual support helps to bring the text in context to life.  Once players finish reading a story, other stories are ready to be discovered.

Each story engages players with expertly weaved stories where 10 key points in the game requires players to make choices about thoughts, words, and actions of the male characters.  By responding correctly in 6 out of 10 situations, special images of characters are unlocked.  Additional presents can be obtained by answering all 10 choices correctly.

An adult version of the game is available along with a tamer, censored version for younger players.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $1 to $50, with rewards including:

-Your name on the company website

- A thank you email
- A “Special Contributor” heart icon
- Episode zero made available via a promo code
- OST with 8 tracks of ambient background music from Episode zero
- Two high-resolution wallpaper images
- Images of three pets exclusively for Kickstarter rewards
- Admittance to an exclusive forum on the website

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Love Eden:

Love Eden is the name of a dating simulation video game in a visual novel format that allows players to discover, learn, and investigate prospective male characters.

Contact Person: Marie-Claude Lacroix
Company: Darkrelic
Address: Rimouski, Canada
Phone: 418 730-0929
Email: [email protected]