December 12, 2013, Stockholm Sweden & Boston MA — Dapresy, ( has released the latest version of Dapresy Pro. Version 8.4 adds to Dapresy’s reputation as the world’s leading data presentation solution and marketing dashboard.

With several new modules to improve performance on large data sets common among global tracking studies, Dapresy Pro 8.4 has the most advanced marketing research tool, tracking reporting platform and marketing dashboard available. It offers many new features, which include:

* Customized views in the marketing dashboard, allowing individual users to save interactive elements like time period, moving averages, filter, and other information so they can simply and easily return to the original data they observed at log in.

* Elimination of the need to create individual “brand” reports by country or region. Instead, version 8.4 lets viewers utilize one large global list to create hundreds of individual reports based on region or country at the click of a button.

* Dapresy Pro 8.4 marketing research tool also prevents user “data overload” by allowing them to start at the top by skimming the surface of the data. Then, when moving through the data, Version 8.4 suggests useful settings and filters to get to the specific data needed.

* With Dapresy Pro 8.4, users can now export the underlying data tables to Excel. This provides users with the ability to manipulate data as needed, which results in increased efficiency and value.

“This latest version of Dapresy Pro offers users with the best tracking study software and marketing research tool ever developed,” said Rudy Nadilo, President of North America. For more information about Dapresy Pro 8.4, visit

About Dapresy
Dapresy provides business intelligence products specifically designed for professional market researchers who want to create their own marketing dashboard tools. By creating their own reporting dashboards, market researchers can analyze, present and distribute dynamic results from their studies. Dapresy was founding in 1999 in Sweden and quickly became the leader in marketing dashboard and online data reporting for customer experience programs, employee 360-degree research, brand tracking studies, mystery shopping and ad-hoc projects. Dapresy’s flagship marketing research tool is Dapresy Pro which has web-based portals for dynamic online presentation and report downloads, promptly delivering, actionable results from survey and other business data coming from markets, users and customers.

Our clients include firms like TNS, GfK, Q&A Research, Morpace, Rogers Connect Market Research, Ad Hoc Research, Sentient Decision Science, Blauw and many more. Our research clients have deployed dashboards that are used by many leading global firms including; Bacardi, Procter & Gamble, Visa, iRobot, KLM/AirFrance, Emirates Airline, Ericson, Google, Smirnoff Vodka, Mercedes, Volvo, Machinima, Honda, IKEA, Samsung, Canon, Heineken, Warner Bros, Coca Cola, Reebok, Pernod Ricard, Absolute Vodka, Audi, Philips, Nestle, BMW, Netflix, Clear Channel, Vodafone, Hilti, Tesco and many more. A “who’s who” of global corporations use Dapresy for their reporting solutions. For more information, visit