Following a recent cooperation with the giants of Microsoft and HP, Danish startup Shopbox is facing a major increase in new leads and partnership requests. Overwhelmed by the attention, the disrupter has decided to stop focusing on growth and instead ensure the product is aligned with the core values of the company and exceeds the expectations of current and future clients.

The number one performance metric in the startup world is growth. Sometimes, however, growth can get in the way — and this is exactly what is happening to Danish startup Shopbox.
The company recently announced its partnership with Microsoft and HP. The partners have financed and launched a Windows 10 version of the successful Shopbox app with the aim of cutting queue waiting times and delivering faster service. It is now functioning live with a major quick service point in Sweden.

The partnership has resulted in so much attention that the company has decided to focus back on the product to improve the entire experience from onboarding to daily use of the hospitality app.

Since the launch of the Shopbox iOS app just over a year ago on the App Store, it has been installed on over 400 terminals in the Nordics. But nobody is perfect — especially not startups — so the company is now realizing the need to slow down growth in order to focus on one of its core values of providing an excellent, stable, and simple product. In other words, a “timeout” from business as usual.

“If we want to compete with the big guys such as Oracle, NCR, and others, we need to make sure we have the same focus on stability and speed as they have. Merchants may want multi-function, cloud-based mPOS, but it has to be stable and fast also. The project with Microsoft has made Shopbox a much better product, but we need to spend a little more time making it the most future-proof and stable POS out there,” says Christian Zigler, founder and CEO of Shopbox.

The ambition is to make the already popular app even better and more stable. The vision is still to help businesses make more money by managing their business more effectively. But at this moment, Shopbox is not taking any new customers and has informed partners about some waiting time in integrating with Shopbox.

“We are contacted daily by several business owners and partners who are interested in Shopbox or want to partner with us. This is amazing and it feels good to experience the demand, but it also feels good to say no to certain opportunities in order to focus on the right ones. It feels good to grow up and be wanted instead of chasing all the time,” ends Christian Zigler.

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