Westbury, New York; 28, July 2016: Working in today’s competitive industrial and/or commercial environment is fraught with risks. Regardless of whether an individual is employed as an in-house technician or engaged in a backbreaking factory job, there’s always the possibility of the person becoming incapacitated due to grave injuries or wounds resulting from unforeseen accidents and/or unexpected mishaps. There’s the likelihood of the worker or employee tripping down the stairs, suffering an ailment, losing one’s sight or becoming deaf because of the working conditions ultimately losing the ability to work. In such a scenario, the injured or out-of-action worker may find it extremely difficult to make ends meet or support a family owing to unanticipated loss of income.

On top of that, the individual has to provide for pursuing a workers’ compensation claim case that can ultimately lead to acute mental stress, not to speak of the physical discomfiture. Daniel M. Morrin is a reputed and established lawyer based in Westbury, NY who has amassed extensive experience in dealing with ‘social security disability’, accidental injuries and wounds’, and ‘workers’ compensation’ cases. In this regard, he is ably assisted by Brian A. Sands along with a team of skilled legal professionals that go out of the way to assist clients in every possible way with the pious objective of mitigating their problems. Daniel Morrin makes the most of his over three decades of professional experience to confront challenging legal situations and make it easy for his patrons to tide over the crises.

When a prospects walks into Daniel’s law office with a SSD claims case, the lawyer at first gives a patient hearing and attempts to figure out the nitty-gritty of the case. The disadvantaged worker is made to understand the distinction between a ‘supplementary security income claim’ and ‘social security disability’ claim. The attorneys at the law office are competent to deal with ‘survivor benefits’ and ‘child benefits’ compensation claims that are significant subsets of SSD cases. Then again, the lawyer assists a worker who has lost his or her job due to an accident or mishap in the workplace or illness acquired while at work.

From submitting a report to the employer to filing form C-3 and from enquiring about employer’s insurance firm to zeroing in on an appropriate GP or doctor who’ll write a medical certificate, the legal representative will offer the right advice. Law office of Daniel Morrin is capable of providing representation for cases related to automobile accidents, industrial accidents, and construction site mishaps. The law firm is committed to keeping the clients updated about the case’s status as well as keeping in touch. Each and every case is accorded equal significance and Daniel Morrin pledges not to charge any fees until he’s successful in awarding compensation.

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The law firm of Daniel M. Morrin with offices in Westbury, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn offers able representation for SSD, workers’ compensation, and workplace accident cases.

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