(Free Press Release) Health and safety in Thailand
The first danger that awaits a tourist during his holidays in Thailand is the sun. You should sunbath very carefully, always use protective creams on the first days. f you are going to make an unforgettable trip to Thailand you will need sun umbrellas and glasses. From the clothes you definitely must have the following: cotton clothes at most covering the body, easy quick-drying clothes for the rainy season, warm clothes for the cold season.
The second thing is food. Do not drink water from the tap in Thailand, you'd better buy it in a store or order to the hotel room. This will help prevent intestinal infections. Holidays in Thailand means also an abundance of fruit, which also represents a certain danger for the intestines. Here the main precaution is to wash them thoroughly before eating. Of alcohol the local beer is the best and most healthy. You should not be fascinated with exotic drinks, they are too exotic for an European. Generally, it is best to eat at a cafe or a restaurant, you never can know the quality of products in the street. The same reffers to ice-cream.
Transportation in Thailand
Passenger trains in Thailand move not very fast, but they give an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding sights and do some pictures of Thailand as a souvenir. For long distances Thais prefer to travel by overnight trains. Cars are an advantage for those who know the local language well, most of guides and road signs are made in Thai. So an inexperienced driver would better choose another means of transport. Intercity buses are cheap and simple. Taxi: in a newage taxi (with an inscription TAXI METER) payment is strictly by the meter. Minimum fee is 35 baht (for to 2 km), if the traffic is slow, the rate is counted by minutes.
You need to negociate the payment with drivers of "old" taxi (TAXI) in advance. Here everything depends on your bargaining ability. Tuk-tuk is a three-wheeled mototaksi without counter. It is the most interesting transport and by the way it is a symbol of Bangkok. The price will be a bit cheaper than for a taxi, however you should not take it for long distances in Thailand.
What not to do in Thailand:
Do not walk hand in hand in Thailand. Public manifestation of love is considered indecent.
Don't criticize religion and the royal family.
Do not demonstrate your anger.
Do not point at someone with your foot.
Do not wear your clothes negligently.
Women should not wear provocative short and open clothes. Especially that with such appearance you will not be let in a temple.
Do not spank Thais on their shoulders. They are highly offended by this gesture.