Elevate, Inc. is excited to welcome cybersecurity firm Abacode to the team! Elevate will be highlighting Abacode’s superior capabilities in the field of cybersecurity in addition to their substantial growth.

Abacode helps growing organizations manage their cybersecurity risk, through vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, employee training and network surveillance.  Their team is comprised of cybersecurity experts and global thought leaders.

International cybercrime costs businesses $375—$575 billion every year. On average, a cyberattack produces a loss of $174 per record stolen, and is detected 170 days after an initial breach.  Cybercrime impacts companies of every size.  Organizations that fail to assess their cybersecurity readiness, and network vulerabilities are easy targets for cybercriminals.

Abacode’s Cyber Lorica solution combines a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system into a unique platform that helps detect and prevent cyber criminal activity.

Cyber Lorica works as a burglar alarm for network appliances, servers, computers and mobile devices.  The platform serves enterprise organizations, and caters to small and medium sized businesses.  Abacode’s team of Cybersecurity professionals work around the clock to identify and help to shut down cyberattacks.

Abacode’s team of trained cybersecurity experts work closely with their customers to develop customized strategies to address the ever evolving cyber threat landscape.  A tailored cybersecurity program, when implemented and enforced in the operational environment, can greatly reduce the risk of being breached.

To learn more about implementing a cybersecurity program for your business today, visit Abacode’s website or follow them on LinkedIn.
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