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Did the paper strips just mess with the pH testing in the household? For people who are undergoing into special diets, have a garden in their homes, own a swimming pool, they might need to test the pH levels of these substances regularly. But sometimes, there are instances that the test strips are not doing their job. These are the moments that household owners need pH meters by SelpHbalance.

SelpHbalance is a company in the field of health awareness that takes pride in providing consumers with one-touch and mess-free pH measurements for many substances through the SelpHbalance digital meter. It is a device that has auto calibration features, three extra packets of buffer solution to maintain accuracy, and a carrying case to take this wherever a person goes.

More and more customers have been sharing what they think about SelpHbalance digital meter, with some praising its accuracy and others commending its affordability. Here are what some customers think about the product on Amazon.

“This is my first pH meter so I’m not a pro at doing this by any means. I've only tested pH a couple times, but so far I love it! I did a little test on plain filtered water [against] my alkaline water, and it seems to be reading correctly and met my expectations on the difference. The filtered water was around 7/7.1 and the alkaline water was about 8,” user C. Chandler wrote in the review.

This Amazon customer also reminded other consumers not to dip the whole digital pH meter, and just half of the tip, so they can avoid the whole meter to get damaged.

Meanwhile, some other users have noted the auto calibration function of the SelpHbalance digital pH meter, taking away all the hassles that might go along with it.

“This Digital PH meter came already calibrated so I did not have to use the powder packets that were included to calibrate it. The leaflet enclosed in the plastic case gave great instructions on how to calibrate it if needed. I tested my Orange Juice first then my coffee and distilled water and they were the exact PH level that the leaflet stated it would be,” a recent review written by user C D B on Amazon.

For more information about the digital pH meter, visit their Amazon page and read more about what consumers think about the product.

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