Centralia, WA - 28 July, 2016 - Nearly 500 customers have left reviews of the Mommy Please pretend food play set, but one customer stood out by going into great detail about how the set has worked for her and her children. The reviews reads as follows:

“What a fun product that my kids absolutely flipped over. There are 125 pieces including adorable Pringles shaped chips, soft serve ice cream cones, chicken legs, hot dogs and a hamburger to assemble, crinkle cut fries, a 6 piece pizza, vegetables, fruits, breads, and so much more. I absolutely loved that all of the "canned" items were labeled "organic". That was a nice touch that I appreciated. Also, the soft serve ice cream snaps into the cone (not hard to snap in, but just enough so that it stays in even when upside down).

The size of the box surprised me. It was much smaller than I expected 125 pieces of anything to be, but it is perfectly size food for little hands. The proportions are random - the whole chicken is the about the same size as the carrots and significantly smaller than the separate chicken legs. But kids don't care about that. The somewhat wrinkly-looking potatoes make my husband laugh hysterically because he found one of them on the ground out of content of the rest of the food and thought it looked like something entirely different. But again, kids don't care about that.

I have a child with special needs who struggles with pretend play and this set has breathed new life into our playtime. He loves pretending to squeeze ketchup onto the hamburger and putting the vegetables into various pots. He has surprised me a couple of times by spontaneously pretending to eat the chicken, which was just so huge for him. And we've been working on saying the names of all of the different items, so it's been helping with speech as well.”

The Mommy Please pretend food play  set is currently available for purchase on Amazon.com for $32.99. Customers can enjoy free shipping with order $49.00 and over, free two day shipping with Amazon Prime, one click ordering, and the company’s 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.


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