20, May 2016: Snapchat is one of the world’s most popular social media apps at the moment. There are social media apps for all purposes. Some to update people with words and photo albums, others to share what you’re feeling/thinking in a limited number of characters. Snapchat is very different to most social media apps today. Users share pictures and videos that can be viewed by friends for 24 hours. It’s used by many people to show how they are spending their day, and businesses are even using it to give customers a sneak peak behind the scenes. There are over 100 million active snapchat users every day.


To make snaps sent even more interesting and engaging, a number of filters can be used over pictures and videos. Some of these will simply change the contrast/brightness and vibrancy of the snap. Others will allow a user to swap faces with another person, or change the shape of their face. Custom snapchat geofilters can even be purchased, suitable for any event. A snap can also be screenshotted by a viewer and saved permanently to a phone.

The Process

Purchasing a custom snapchat geofilter doesn’t cost much, but the design process is comprehensive to ensure that customers get exactly what they were looking for. It all starts by filling out a request form outlining specific needs and information about the event.

Everything is planned out with a customer's needs in mind; designs are created and mockups are then distributed to get the go ahead. Once the design has been approved, the filter will be submitted to Snapchat geofilters on demand. Co-ordinates are used to make sure that people within a specified distance can use the geofilter. Once the geofilter has been created, approved, and submitted, it’s simply a case of adding it onto snaps with the swipe of a finger.

As geofilters are created with the specific theme of an event in mind, they can create a lot of hype around it.

Who Can Use A Geofilter?

Anybody can use a geofilter. They can be especially good for:

* Brides.
* Public speakers.
* Event planners.
* Guests attending a special occasion.
* Nightclubs.
* Birthdays.
* Corporate events.
* Charity events.
* Fundraisers.
* Sporting events.
* Trade shows.
* Conferences.
* Festivals.

A geofilter will simply create more excitement and interest surrounding an event. Anybody can use it to spread the word of what’s going on and get lots of attention/publicity.

Ordering A Geofilter

There are a number of price ranges depending on what a person wants with their geofilter. They range from $160 to $260 for events, but specialised packages can be created for businesses who want to reach a larger audience.

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