With ClothesMake, men can design their own suit to match their exact taste. From the fabric to the style, details, pockets and buttons, they have the freedom to include what they want their dress to have. CM has a professional customization system that caters to men’s fashion and allows interested individuals to wear personalized clothes that suit their needs and budget.

Clothesmake personalization shirts are tailored according to the designer’s measurements. CM also provides an easy to understand video that guarantees garment accuracy. Only high quality garments are used to make custom shirts.

CM’s team of experienced tailors ensures that every garment is tailored to perfection. As they believe that everyone has a different body shape, they first make sure that the customer’s body measurement is correct using their database and the photos provided by the customer. They then start making the clothes after checking the customer’s height, age, weight and occasion. The pattern making is altered slightly several times until the best design is found. Only then will their tailors start cutting the fabric.

Their sewing process has several processes and very high requirements. Buttons are sewed over four rounds to ensure that they stay in place. Their tailors have exceptional sewing skills, which are the key factors of garment extensibility and quality. They also use professional equipment and processes for shaping the clothes to ensure that the garment fits the customer’s body shape. The garment is then ironed from top to bottom based on the kind of fabric used to avoid ruining the shape and design of the garment. After ironing the clothes, they will check if there is no extreme gloss, ironing trace or stink.

CM maintains strict standards when creating custom clothes to provide customers with only the best products. They control their quality procedures to ensure that every custom garment is created to perfection. Every process, from fabric pattern making to cutting, sewing, ironing and packing, is carefully examined by their staff. Customers are guaranteed to get a high quality garment that suits their exact aesthetic sense and budget from Clothesmake.

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