Custom shirts are now available at ClothesMake. Customers can design their own clothes at a very reasonable price using ClothesMake’s unique customization system. They are free to choose what fabric to use, how many pockets and buttons their garment should have and what collar style is perfect for their shirt.

Every garment is a perfect fit as the customer’s exact measurements are taken before anything is done. CM’s tailors verify the measurements first using the photos submitted by the customer and their own database. They only begin cutting the fabric once a final pattern is made. For those who want to follow the latest trend in men’s fashion, ClothesMake personalization shirts are just the perfect option for them.

Men can incorporate their desired elements such as the color of fabric they want to use, the style of sleeves, the number of buttons and the overall style of shirt to showcase their creativity and personal style. If they don’t have any idea about what they should do, they can always ask the experts at CM for advice.

For CM, getting accurate measurements is very important. This is why they provide a measurement tutorial video for those who want to get their own body measurements at home. CM can also compute their body measurement range using the customer’s US standard size of garments or height and weight. Before delivering the clothes, CM carefully checks for any ironing trace or stink to maintain the quality and shape of the shirt.

ClothesMake’s personalized shirts are very affordable, so interested individuals can wear their own designs at a price they can afford. They can add what they want and still get a custom shirt without breaking the bank. This is something they cannot get with readymade shirts as such clothes are usually expensive and not the right fit. With CM’s custom shirts, they can get the right shirt with the right fit at a reasonable price. A personalized shirt with their own design will make them look and feel more confident as it allows them to show their own fashion style.

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