CuddleBuddys offers a new solution to create beautiful customizable teddy bears. Buyers can customize their teddy bears with photos, sound recordings, and other options while shopping with this budding ecomerce. No other company allows you to add a photo of your choice directly onto a teddy bear.

CuddleBuddys serves your every need to make your loved ones feel special. From wedding and anniversary gifts to saying, “I love you” from a distance, a teddy bear with a personal photograph and audio is a great choice for all. It could be for your parents, children, siblings, friend, or lover, surprise them with a CuddleBuddy. Everyone can enjoy the simple comforts of a personalized teddy bear.

Why Choose CuddleBuddys?

There are  a couple of retailers that provide customization options for teddy bears, but they lack the ability to literally create a one of a kind commodity. provides a creative and convenient way to create the perfect gift without the hassle of traditional retailers. There are no lines, no traffic, no hurdles, just endless creative possibilities.

CuddleBuddys maintains the quality of the uploaded photo by using sublimation printing. Which means that the photo will never fade! Customers can also add a bow or letters/numbers on the paws of the bears for additional flair. With all of these customization options, anyone can create the perfect gift.


Amanda Morton