London, United Kingdom; 27, July 2016: A visit to the dentist often means having an X-ray taken. The trouble with doing that is patients get exposed to a lot of radiation. One innovative alternative to conventional X-rays is cone beam CT scan technology.


In a nutshell, dentists can get a clearer view of the state of one's teeth with a CT scan. The cone beam element means that dentists can get a three-dimensional view of teeth. This includes a view of nerve pathways, bone structure and more.

Dose reduction technology

Another advantage of cone beam CT scan technology is the lower radiation. In the UK, CT-Dent was the first company to offer such technology to dentists and their patients. Today, the firm has revealed another first: radiation dose reduction technology.

CT Dent now uses new pioneering scanning protocol to lower radiation doses even further. The protocol gets used with their KaVo OP300 and Gendex DP700 CBCT scanners. It allows CT Dent to take a cone beam CT scan with even lower radiation compared to standard scans.

The new protocol is useful for post and follow-up scans. Especially if one is considering only using 2D imaging for implant placement planning.

The dose reduction technology is available now in all CT branches. It will also be available to book online in two weeks' time. Customers can, however, take advantage of the lower dose radiation technology today. All they need to do is note "Dose Reduction Technology" when booking a scan.

How does cone beam CT scanning work?

A cone beam CT scan is a modern alternative to traditional X-rays. It's a method that can get used to assess teeth that is safer to patients. The main advantage of cone beam CT scans is they boast 20 times less radiation than X-rays.

Another benefit is the level of detail offered in the imagery. Unlike X-rays, cone beam CT scans provide a three-dimensional view of one's teeth. They aren't just simple two-dimensional panoramic X-rays.

Dentists can view a patient's teeth from a variety of perspectives. They include cross-sectional, axial, coronal, and sagittal among others. More dentists are opting for cone beam CT scans not just for image clarity but also for accuracy. That's because they are accurate to within a tenth of a millimetre!

Now dentists can offer more accurate planning for implants. And patients can certainly enjoy the benefits too.

The lower radiation offered from cone beam CT scans is another plus point. The radiation emitted is only equivalent to five days of background radiation. That's much lower than the dose of radiation emitted by X-rays.

About CT Dent;

CT Dent Ltd are dental innovators. Back in 2007, they established the UK's first cone beam CT scanning centre. Today, they offer a plethora of independent dental scanning centres in numerous areas.

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