In a year in which “sequester” is a new term with which people are getting familiar, it is fashionable to be frugal. To help customers save, is the destination for savings before an online purchase.

Coupons for Zip Codes is making changes and improving to bring customers the latest and the biggest saving from favorite stores. The website is also starting a forum page so that visitors can keep in touch with fellow savers and talk about experiences in the world of savings.

Customers looking for online shopping coupons or free coupon codes have their work cut out for them. Thousands of websites and platforms are dedicated to providing discounts for every type of merchandise and service imaginable. Sifting through these offers can be a gargantuan task, and many websites require registration or even payment before customers can unlock an online coupon code.

Coupons for Zip Codes ( takes the work out of this process by providing a free, easy-to-use interface that allows customers to search only for coupons that can be used in their local stores or at the online merchants they patronize.

The home page of Coupons for Zip Codes features “hot” bargains each day, but customers can also enter a store or product name to find instant savings. Coupons for Zip Codes features savings from over 6,000 national chains and local stores, including about-to-expire coupons and special merchant coupons only available online.

With so many people shopping on the Internet these days, it makes sense to have an easy way to access coupon codes online. Coupons for Zip Codes makes this task easy by providing online coupons and codes that allow shoppers to take advantage of free shipping and discounts from favorite online merchants. With an online promo code customers simply enter a code in the checkout portion of a website when shopping to receive instant discounts.

Coupons for Zip Codes is a leading website for online coupon codes. The site features tabs for “Hot Coupons,” “Seasonal Coupons," and “Free Shipping Coupons” as well as the search capability. Finding usable coupons is much easier when shoppers are able to target specific stores, websites, or products, and Coupons for Zip Codes provides the means to do so.

Customers can also sign up for a free newsletter to have specific, targeted coupons sent to their inboxes every day. These emails provide a “snapshot” of the day’s hottest deals and useful discounts.

About Coupons for Zip Codes:

Coupons for Zip Codes is a website that takes the work out of "coupon clipping." Today’s consumers want to save money but may be overwhelmed with the amount of information available online regarding store discounts, merchandise sales and specials, and other discounts. Coupons for Zip Codes takes the guesswork out of finding coupons and codes that consumers can actually use. Customers can simply put in a store name or item and receive instant coupons that can be used with local merchants for real savings. Online shopping coupons and promotional codes are also available.

Coupons for Zip Codes would love to hear from website visitors. Customers can share information about which stores they like and coupons they would like to see on the website.

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