USA - Media Freeware has developed the new Countdown Timer as a reliable piece of software to manage time properly. This easy-to-use application is available from the website free of cost. The innovative and attractive user interface allows people to set an alarm for the required period of time. Individuals or professionals who want to remind themselves about any significant meeting, event or activity can use the Free Countdown Timer conveniently.

A user of Free Countdown Timer says, “It is a tiny program and it is beautiful. It is working compatible with Windows OS 7 64-bit; it also shows up on right bottom corner like a gadget, that’s awesome.”

Users can add various events and activities to the provided calendar in order to set the alarm, which will automatically go off exactly at the particular time and date. After setting the alarm, the Free Countdown Timer shows the time left for that specific activity or event. In addition, if the users need to remind themselves about something on a daily basis, this advanced software program has the in-built feature to work accordingly.

The website says, “You can easily add an alarm for all the days of the week, or for any particular day, depending on your requirement. All you need to do is add the particular events to the date of the countdown calendar and the alarm will set off on those date.” offers a CNET secured downloading option for the Free Countdown Timer . New users can go through the specifications, features and other applications of this software program in order to work with it effectively.

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