A trip to Africa for wildlife safari experience is on the bucket list of many people. However, there are still doubts in the mind of people as to whether Africa is a safe place. This doubt is created by the media, which shows Africa as a land of lion and wild animals and focus on the poverty of the people. The other side, which is a land of beauty, is less seen on television. Hence people have little knowledge about the divers’ culture, breathtaking sceneries, and beautiful wildlife existing in the black continent.  

To promote the beauty of Africa and its many wildlife adventures, Cote Sauvage said that it aims to provide tourists with an unforgettable safari experience. The group has been organizing wildlife safari for more than 30 years in Eastern Africa and is said to be one of the best in the field. With a group of enthusiastic people, it takes care of everything, from booking tickets, arranging hotels, and deciding whether the safari is favorable through foot, horse-back, vehicle, biking, ballooning, or canoeing.

For people who wish to travel during the high season that is July to October, Cote Sauvage encourages to book tickets in advance. Advance planning will help the group to choose better camps and accommodations for its customers. The cost can differ depending on the timeframe and budget and destination of individuals. Interested customers can visit the official site and fill up a form to check fares and routes. The group also organizes safaris for individuals in three major places, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. East Africa is known for its high density of tourist, lodges in hotel style, and mini van that comes with pop up roof. According to sources, there are now a number of luxury lodges popping up in eastern Africa, especially in Tanzania. For more information please go to http://cotesauvage.fr/tanzanie/


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Cote Sauvayage provides unforgettable wildlife safari experience to its clients at an affordable price. Individuals can choose from three place, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzanian.  


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