23, December 2016: There has been a lot of excitement about the upcoming retreat opening in Bali at proposed month of June 2017. While there are many retreats in Bali catering for Yoga, Detox and a variety of fitness related retreats, this retreat has had a lot of anticipation because it combines all of these things, Yoga classes, Detoxification and many fitness related activities, geared exclusively at weight loss and led by Sophie Jones, an infamous retreat leader from Costa Rica.

Sophie, retreat founder of Bali Weight Loss (https://www.baliweightloss.com/) says that, “the reason why our retreats in Costa Rica were so well liked was because of our result based focus. We help you lose weight and look and feel amazing. And these are real results that are experience in the retreat, which is what has always led to such amazing feedback and reviews.”

It is said that the retreats Sophie Jones will be leading in Bali will be no different and there has been a lot of talk about what exactly will be unveiled. It is common, or in fact we’ve been told that it is actually expected that there will be some kind of surprise unveiled as the retreat dates get closer.

In the past it has been everything from introducing a new celebrity trainer who will be holding the retreats alongside Sophie, or it will be a new type of training, for example about a decade ago Sophie Jones was the first to really incorporate the use of TRX into her fitness retreats and it was a big splash in the industry.

This time all we could get from Sophie was, “it’s going to be a surprise yet Bali Weight Loss is set to enter the Bali island in style. Let’s just put it that way…”. She alluded to there being a special guest from Australia which makes sense because of such a large segment of the market for retreats like hers in Bali are Australians.

At present however the Bali Weight Loss retreat is still under development and the hiring process is currently ongoing. We can learn some of what the retreat will entail from the job positions being offered which are currently for Yoga teachers, Fitness trainers, Coaches and Raw Food chefs. Nothing else however has yet been revealed about her new retreat in Bali and we shall all have to wait and see what Sophie Jones produces in the weeks and months ahead.

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