April 22, 2021—Costa Oil International announced its first franchise location in Katy, Texas.

A press release from developer FranCoDev said the franchise award is the start of a nationwide franchise plan. Company founder Costa Kapothanasis announced the franchise move in a video interview with NOLN in February. He said they're focused on new builds for low-overhead quick lube service shops.

"We're putting together a model that really closely aligns with the original quick lube model," he said during the interview. "We don't think it should cost a million dollars to build a quick lube."

We are proud to work with brands that stand out from the others ???? Here are a few of Costa Oils several unique differentiators:
- Our locations can be built in parking lots in as small as 8 parking spaces!
- Our single-bay option is as small as 800 sq, minimizing the cost of the ground lease
- Our kiosk model allows for speed to open in just 120-180 days!
- Our singularly focused service offering minimizes staffing requirements - as few as 3 employees.
The 10 Minute Oil Change ???? brand utilizes innovative kiosks that optimize time to open and maximize the availability of potential locations by tapping into already existing pad sites. To learn more reach out to [email protected].
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