The Cosmopolitan Collection has officially announced the formal unveiling of their new makeup organizer.

The Cosmopolitan Collection has proudly revealed that they plan to soon launch the Cosmetics Storage and Makeup Organizer, an acrylic makeup organizer designed to be able to take a messy counter or medicine cabinet and turn it into an organized and easy to understand system for daily use. The clear acrylic case for beauty products is intended to be a high functioning and transparent organizer that helps women separate their cosmetics in a neat and clean fashion. Four ergonomic and high functioning drawers are included. The organizer set is suited for men or women of any age who simply want to organize some of their daily used materials.

Cosmopolitan Collection claims that this cosmetic organizer can be used for everything from cosmetics and brushes to jewelry and sewing supplies. The piece is entirely injection molded acrylic, ensuring a stable and long lasting construction. The makeup organizer also includes multiple small indented spaces for lipstick or tube holding. While the set is rumored to be able to hold almost any cosmetic or makeup good, the depth of the drawers is 1 inch deep, implying that a different section of the set would be used to hold larger cosmetics.

From storing messy women’s cosmetics to organizing the gentleman's beard kit, the cosmetic storage is safe and easy to wash. Although all specs have not been yet revealed, pictures reveal much about the innovative makeup storage cosmetic organizer. The makeup set organizer includes 4 drawers (2 large bottom drawers and 2 smaller top drawers), 12 lipstick style holding places, a large space for larger cosmetics (lotions for example), and rear spaces with depth for pencils or other non-standing pieces.

The transparent makeup organizer system is well suited as a gift for anyone looking to get more organized in their lives and cut wasted time out of their days. The actual launch date is not set in stone; however, the price has been unveiled. The shipping weight is a light 3.6 pounds. Cosmopolitan Collection's Cosmetic Storage and Makeup Organizer is available now on, for just $36.99 with free shipping on orders over $49.

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