The recently introduced makeup organizer and cosmetic storage set from Cosmopolitan Collection is still available for the discounted price of $36.99; however, this opportunity to save will end June 1st, 2016. After that date, the price of the Cosmopolitan Collection’s makeup organizer will return to its original base price at $59.99. Either way, customers are still able to save money on with the incentivized free shipping on all shopping cart purchases exceeding $49. The clear acrylic makeup organizer features injection molded construction to ensure enduring stability and aesthetics for an extended period.

Women can clear off their messy countertops and medicine cabinets, and organize them in a beautiful way. The acrylic makeup storage system includes four drawers, each 1 inch deep and 4 inches long with round ergonomic and optimally sized knobs. The clear acrylic makes the makeup case very easy to wash as well. 12 well-fitted spaces are included on the top of the organizer to fit beauty products for lip products such as lipstick.

The makeup box is also a 2-piece acrylic system where the separate parts can be placed independently or stacked vertically. Furthermore, the clear acrylic cosmetics storage features a large space to store cosmetics such as lotion and foundations. The rear of the top section of the organizer also sports a deeper reservoir where eyeshadow palettes or makeup cases can be stored.

A great gift for men who want to save their beard products or women who need to organize their cosmetics, the acrylic makeup box organizer from Cosmopolitan Collection has been featured in professional beautician shops as well as homes around the nation. It is shipped in a package weighing 3.6 total pounds. The cosmetic organizer can currently be purchased for a limited time at $36.99 on, with the incentive free shipping on all purchases $49 or greater. This discount is intended to end by June 1st, 2016.

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