Your eyes are the one of the most important parts in your body; but it is also equally true that your eyes are the first region that show you the aging signs inside your body. Fine lines and crow's feet will start to appear during the early thirties. Dark circles, puffy eyes, and bags within the eyes also make their way during this time.

These changes in the skin might cause your eyelid skin to lose its elasticity and start sagging. Due to this, natural flesh within the eyeball start moving forward against your lower eyelid creating a puffy eye or an eye bag. A shadow starts forming inside the eyelid which creates a dark circle in your lower eyelid.

Excessive skin near the area of your eyes can make your face look older. Such a condition could be treated with the help of blepharoplasty or eye bag removal surgery. Normally this will be conducted together with the upper eyelid surgery for a more youthful and fresh eye region.  

Is it suitable for you?
Normally cosmetic surgery will be conducted on adults who’ve strong facial tissues and are serious enough to improve the upper and lower eyelids along with the adjacent area. You can undergo such a procedure for yourself, not to fulfil other person’s desire. Here at Beauty Erfolg( we take a holistic approach to eye bag surgery and provide both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Anesthesia type:
Typically eyelid cosmetic surgery will be completed using local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

The process:
Eyelid cosmetic procedure could take 1 - 2 hours for completion; normally the period would depend upon the extent of this surgery. During a typical surgical process, the doctor will make a few incisions as per the regular lines of a person’s eyelids, just beneath the eye lashes inside the lower eyelid area and in the fold of the patient's upper eyelids. Such incisions can also be stretched into the crow's feet or laugh lines at the eye corners. Working thru the incisions, the doctor will separate the skin of the person from the underlying fatty tissue and muscle, then he will remove the additional fat and trims sagging skin as well as muscle. After this, the incisions will be covered using fine sutures.

What will be the recovery time?
Recovery period can vary from one individual to the other and it’s better for the individual to take rest at least for 1 week after the surgery. You can begin your regular works inside 7 - 10 days after the treatment. You must also limit your works for 4 - 6 days and avoid activities which require more energy at least for three weeks.

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