Wrist Compression Sleeves from CopperJoint Received Well by People Who Shop in Amazon

CopperJoint copper wrist support is received well by Amazon shoppers. It proves to be popular among shoppers since after its launch last Monday, May 30, 2016, the Amazon warehouse has shipped hundreds of orders already and it has just been 5 days.

Copper Compression wrist sleeves are designed to help people who experience hand/wrist discomfort by giving the right amount of compression for promotion of blood flow. By using compression sleeves proper blood flow is promoted preventing stiffness and further injuries. The sleeves are also especially designed to help in accelerating recovery. Research has shown that compression sleeves for the wrists reduce fatigue, swelling and stiffness of muscles. The AOS conducted a research which concluded that compression on the injured joints and muscles causes the walls of the arteries to dilate which allow more blood to flow through resulting to increase in blood flow during the time of recovery.

A verified Amazon shopper already wrote a review on the product and said “This is the sleeve that I have been looking for! I have suffered Carpal Tunnel syndrome for so many years and the last time I felt relief was when I had a steroid shot. The compression sleeve has significantly reduced the pain I feel. I do not know if this is just psychological but I certainly enjoy using it. I had a little bit of pain from yesterday but now the pain is less felt. I’m glad I found the sleeves.”

The copper wrist sleeve comes in four different sizes for both the left and the right hand. It is made out of 88% copper infused garment, and 12% spandex that allows you to wear it more comfortable as compared to other neoprene sleeves where movement is restricted. The sleeve is not meant as a brace but as a compression garment.

Link 1: http://www.amazon.com/copper-wrist-support/dp/B01CTOF14E

Link 2: http://www.amazon.com/copper-wrist-sleeve/dp/B01CTOF14E
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