CopperJoint Gives Special Discount for Newly Released Wrist Sleeve Product

CopperJoint offers a $3 discount for their newly released compression wrist sleeves. CopperJoint is the leading provider of compression garments in Amazon. With their recent release of the thumbless wrist sleeve, they offer the discount for a limited time offer so that the product is made not just available through Amazon but also affordable.

The new compression wrist sleeve which is now available in Amazon is targeted for active individuals who have wrist pain caused by different conditions. According to statistics, there are different professions and careers which are impeded because of wrist pain problems: carpal tunnel syndrome, dorsal wrist impingement, bursitis, tendonitis and other wrist conditions. Wrist compression sleeves help alleviate the pain caused by these different conditions.

Jon Deal, Founder and CEO of CopperJoint has a mission in life to help people with muscle and joint problems. He said “Our products are not just designed for better compression and comfort. They are directed towards helping you move better. Whatever career you are into, whatever joint pain you have, our compression sleeves are scientifically infused with copper to help you with your wrist pain.”

CopperJoint has made a name for itself with the Knee Sleeves released last year. It is the leading provider for compression knee sleeves on Amazon. The elbow sleeves and calf sleeves manufactured by the said company are also copper infused products made by the company which is doing well in the market.

The launch of the CopperJoint copper infused wrist sleeve comes with a no question asked, 60 day money back guarantee along with its $3 discount.

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