CopperJoint Unveils New Compression Sleeve for the Wrists on Amazon to Relieve Wrist Joint Pain

CopperJoint, the leading provider of knee compression sleeves in Amazon recently announced the release of a new product: CopperJoint wrist compression sleeve especially designed for active individuals who use their hands in their profession. The sleeves are manufactured by CopperJoint to improve performance give individuals quality of life by preventing wrist injuries and further recurrence of old injuries.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) there are tens of thousands of Americans who suffer from wrist problems due to injuries or work related problems. Most of the wrist pain felt by individuals are from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, dorsal wrist impingement and other activities which involve a constant repetitive movement of the wrists.

According AOS or the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, acute wrist pain is not just caused by constant typing on the keyboard but also by different sports and activities that involve the hand to do a lot of work. The compression on the hand helps ease the pain by allowing more blood flow and somewhat restricting movement. Thus, the research concluded that compression on the wrist can help an athlete perform better.

Jon Deal, founder and CEO of CopperJoint said “Our copper wrist sleeves are not just designed to help the active athlete by providing the ample compression on the wrist, not restricting it too much but giving that comfortable hug to the wrist. These compression sleeves act as a support but not as a brace for restricting hand movement.”

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