28, July 2016: Gurgaon-based content marketplace Contentmart.com has been incredibly successful in realizing their goals for the first year. They are India’s first and only content marketplace with verified content writers.

Anton Rublevskeyy of Ukrainian origin and CEO of Creative Webmedia Pvt. Ltd. launched the portal in August 2015 to bridge the gap between skilled freelance writers and businesses in need of quality content.

After a successful run of 6 months, Anton appointed then Marketing head of Autoportal.com and Bikeportal in Vikas Trivedi as the Business head of Contentmart. Since February, Vikas and his team have implemented a series of planned changes; successfully leveraging competitive advantage against new entrants in this space.

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How does it work?

The process is quite simple: A client can simply list their order(s) on the portal, which in turn attracts bids from writers who are experts in different functional areas and languages. Clients can express their requirements in the order and select a writer they believe will be able to do justice to the project. While selecting a writer, a client the needs to recharge their wallet and the amount is then blocked. However to ensure quality, Contentmart will release the payment only when the content is reviewed and accepted by the client.

At the end of it all, if the writer is able to produce desired results, both parties get what they agreed upon. At the moment, Contentmart does not charge clients anything at all and is absolutely free for them to use. Whereas writers pay a 10 percent commission on their earnings, which is automatically deducted when the payment is released.

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What’s new?

Recently, Contentmart introduced industry specific tests for writers so that they can verify their knowledge in that area. They are randomly presented with a predetermined set of questions in order for the portal to evaluate their level of understanding. If passed, they can display that specific industry as one of their areas of expertise in their portfolio.

Similarly, the portal allows them to undergo various tests in different languages such as English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, and Marathi. Successfully completing these tests allows writers to feature the language as the one they can write well in, along with their level of expertise in that language based on the score in the tests.

These, among others, are a few ways Contentmart has strategized to make their clients feel more secure when placing an order and selecting a writer. For their ease, the online marketplace also tied up with the leading mobile wallet service PayTM in April’16. Now clients can avail cashback discounts in their PayTM wallet when getting their content.


For now, the portal only allows writers from India
to join as freelance content developers. The cost of hiring freelancers in the country is slightly lower than the rest of the world. However, the team at Contentmart has plans to allow writers from other countries earn using the portal as well.

There are already over 25,000 writers and 34,000 clients registered on the portal. Together they have seen more than 7,000 projects come to fruition. The business model of Contentmart is similar to Upwork and Writersbay.

The portal’s goal for 2016 is to help other startups, established brands, and E-commerce companies alike with on-demand access to content developed by qualified and skilled multilingual writers.

When compared to earlier, the look and feel of the portal are quite refreshing and there is definitely a bright road ahead in this space with increasing need for quality content. Efficient practices to employ only the skilled and verified writers make this portal a hot destination for both writers and brands.

To quote Vikas Trivedi, “the team has left no stone unturned” to ensure ease-of-use and efficiency. The clients can order content such as blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, translations, academic content, and much more.


For Media Contact:
Amit Vats
Contentmart Pvt. Ltd.
[email protected]