You have to use your imagination and get your hands to work to confront the challenge of creating a beautiful garden using shipping containers.  It is what you will need when you take the decision of designing a  container garden . You will also be able to exhibit your artistic skills through this original garden decoration and setup concept.

The geometry of the containers, that you can buy used, will help you give a nice visual impression of the garden, in combination of your color choices of the flowers and plants and the grouping of the bouquets.

By adding a  garden to your  shipping container home you will impregnate with style and with your own personality, your unique container home.

The garden that you are going to design will be full of style by following some of our advice here:

You must choose before planting, the container type to be used, its size and shape to fit them well in your garden. You should leave enough space for the passage of people and also for garden furniture. You should consider having easy access to irrigation, if you are watering with a hose or with conventional sprinklers.

Must also know the type of climate in which you live, the temperature and humidity throughout the year. If you often go on vacation or not. Because if it is long you can use containers which have automatic irrigation and can leave more than a month without playing.

When choosing the seeds of flowers and plants, must also take into account the amount of space available, choosing plants larger or smaller.

If you live in a house made of container, you will surely have a lot of space available, if the house is built in the field. But if you are in a city container as Container City in London, then your space will be much smaller.

Living in a house made of shipping containers, need not be an impediment for you to have a lovely garden or a bunch of very beautiful indoor plants that help to create an elegant and cozy  container home .

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