Orlando, Florida — Yacon Syrup , one of Choice Nutrition Supplements’ newest health supplements, has earned the approval of consumers. Consumers’ positive review on the supplement yet again shows the dietary supplements manufacturer’s commitment to delivering only high quality and safe supplements to the health and wellness community.

The syrup is extracted from the root of yacon, a tuberous plant known for its diverse nutritional values. Since around fifty percent of the sweetness of the syrup is brought about by FOS, consumers do not have to have to worry about how it may increase their blood sugar levels when they take it. FOS’ molecular structure prevents the body from fully metabolizing it, so it just passes through the digestive system without loading the body with excessive amounts of calories.

That Yacon Syrup is high in FOS makes it beneficial for consumers in three major ways. First, it may help reduce their blood sugar levels. Instead of using artificial sweeteners and sugars, they may make use of the syrup as a sweetener to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet and to stabilize their blood sugar levels. Second, it may work as a prebiotic , feeding the good bacteria in the gut. Furthermore, it may have a washout effect, helping the body detoxify and function better. Third, it may work as an effective natural weight loss aid as it may give a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time and increase metabolism.

Moreover, Yacon Syrup is manufactured exclusively in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility, and it has received positive feedback from consumers. Here is some of what consumers had to say about the supplement:

“I have been using this Yacon Syrup for about a week. I really like the taste. I take a teaspoon before each meal. It really does help to suppress my appetite. I have lost a total of 3 lbs so far. I will continue to take this product and would recommend it.” — Teresa Stevens

“Yacon is a sweet delicious syrup, and this is the only reason I Use it. I use it to sweeten my coffee in the morning, I use it to sweeten almost anything instead of using sugar. . . . The great thing about this syrup is that it is not too sweet or thick which is unique again not to slam other syrups I tried in past, it has a pleasant flavor and it has the added benefit of not spiking my blood sugar.
And a perfect balance between sweetness and volume. It just tastes good in any serving amount.” - Jennifer

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