Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s main pH test strips

HealthyWiser offers the pH test strips, a 100-count pH test strips set that can provide accurate and reliable pH test readings for consumers. They are offered at a price of $10.97 and an Amazon Subscribe and Save price of $10.42. But customers who are interested in the product can get the HealthyWiser pH test strips for free. This article discusses how this is possible.

When consumers decide to buy HealthyWiser pH test strips from Amazon, the cost can be free instead of paying the price of $10.97 when they avail of the $50.00 gift card upon the approval of the Rewards Visa Card.

This promotional offer is known as the Amazon Credit where they can instantly receive a $50 Gift Card to their account upon the approval of their rewards card. So instead of paying the price of the product on Amazon, they can get the product for free.

Furthermore, Amazon Credit can also let them use the card on the website instantly after getting approved and be a reward for each of their checkouts. Get three percent back when they buy on, two percent back at restaurants, gas stations and drug stores and one percent back on all the rest of the purchases. The percentage back rewards should be accumulated as points, which mean that consumers get one point for every penny earned in percentage back rewards.

“During checkout, you can see your rewards balance and choose how much to use. There's no minimum to redeem. 100 points are equivalent to $1.00 when redeemed at towards eligible purchases. You can also redeem for cash back, gift cards and travel,” the website stated.

The HealthyWiser pH test strips are easy and convenient ways of watching over the consumer and the person's health through accurate pH testing. These strips have been used by people diagnosed with arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, diabetes and more. It has a dual pad that can make sure that results are always accurate in no time. The paper strips are made of quality imported filter paper so it is unlike any other litmus paper that does not do great work.

pH testing is needed to get a good view of the health of individuals. There is no better way to get the right pH testing with HealthyWiser, a company that has produced results in the fields of personal health, wellness, and beauty.

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