25, May 2016: In today’s urban transporting, the majority of people attach importance to the riding experience rather than just focusing on the speed or distance. It is a challenge for designing and developing intelligent electric vehicles. People’s demands are different about transporting means just as Shakespeare’s saying goes, “There are thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes.”

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For this purpose, Airwheel constantly brings out new products of different series according to the different demands of consumers, while still keeping the design and quality of each product. S9 service robot, smart helmets C3/C5, Z5 and S8 are the new gadgets of Airwheel while here we mainly take a look at two of them: Airwheel Z5 and S8.


Airwheel Z5

As is known to all, Airwheel Z series products are all foldable electric scooters so portability is the attraction for this series. As for the accordion feature, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric hoverboard mainly adopts the concealed design for folding connections. This kind of design won’t affect the elegance, but makes it easy to carry.

Z5’s battery packs are upgraded. Instead of the cylindrical design of Z3, Z5 electric scooter for adults utilizes the cuboid design for the battery packs. The battery pack is semi-closed in the front of the pedals. This design lowers the gravity so as to make the riding more stable. The high-efficient USB interface can be used for a portable power source for charging phones or cameras.


Airwheel S8

As the second multiple-pose electric self-balancing scooter, S8 double-wheels electric scooter gives up the straight design for the control lever and selects the C-shape one. It is not only for seeking the good look but also for providing more comfortable riding experience. Besides, the 10-inch and pneumatic wheels are able to conquer various road conditions.

Airwheel Z5 and S8 are awesome from the point of details and can be the ideal choice for urban commuting.

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