It has been said that Connotate is currently the leading platform that dramatically increases a user’s capacity in harvesting capacity. Additionally, it is popularly used to simplify downstream operations and drive down the content extraction costs. A leading web site has recently launched its own web data extractor platform that has been proven to be precise, scalable and reliable all at the same time.


The site has brought together a winning combination of cutting edge machine learning with a unique visual approach and a point and click extraction tool of web data. Many users are already reporting that it has helped in completely transforming their chain of data supply. it is currently the service provider in some of the leading data centric enterprises and information providers all across the globe. The company gives its clients the confidence and capabilities to build international quality environment by addressing some of the exacting challenges of targeted web site extraction. The e-book on Web Content Extraction and Transformation That Scales is one of the major endeavors made to help educate the world about data extraction. According to popular reviews, it is appreciated for a realistic examination of challenges that surrounds the web content extraction. By examining the pros and the cons of the other alternative approaches to collecting web content, the book clearly highlights all the practical advantages and positive features of an automated machine learning platform. This also includes the tools for web data extraction.


Connotate is the popular one stop choice for those clients who are in desperate need of ongoing content from over 100,000 web sites. Additionally it also serves clients who are in need of a million items from a single site. The web site’s data extraction software and platform is currently handling over hundreds and thousands of web sites and huge amounts of data in just a single day.
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