(Free Press Release)

Founder and CEO of CompuLocks Group, Gad Alexander announces back-to-school special deals on the patent won CL15T-xTrap laptop lock and all company products.

Ever since the company was found in 1983, Compulocks has impressed the computer lock security market with its innovative products such as the CL15T-xTrap, iMac Plate Lock, high-security laptop security carts, etc. The founder says that the company is poised to continue the success with back-to-school deal of special price offers on its winning line up of computer locks, including the world‘s smallest laptop lock, the patented CL15T-xTrap cable lock.

The Compulocks‘ patented CL15T-xTrap is spinning a new web in the Computer lock security and safety. What is the reason for that?

  • The security slot has ultra small head and light construction design making it hardly visible to anyone
  • The high-quality steel cable used ensures utmost security
  • Compatible with notebooks, desktops, docking stations and flat panel monitors Small size makes it very portable; can be carried even in pocket
  • Anyone can install it in few seconds
  • Perfect for corporate and school set up
  • Cable can be looped around stationary object and the laptop can be secured
  • Peace of mind when you are off the laptop/system
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • The patented stainless steel made CL15T-xTrap cable lock is made for use in open and closed positions

The CL15T-xTrap comes with a patented design; extra small size and super strong stainless steel making it a superior security tool. The CL15T-xTrap is also world‘s smallest laptoplock of its kind and is one to secure the peripherals including mouse, keyboard, the charger and the likes.

It is also the most portable unit for laptop protection quite ideal computer lock solution for a school or office set up, for a university student, and for a traveler.

The patented design of the xTrap cable lock secures your laptop and its peripherals in open or closed position deterring any attempt of theft.

For the first time, the xTrap cable lock as well as the other winning line up of computer locks is offered a slashed prices deal for students to head back to school after break.

Asked why Compulocks has decided to launch such an offer, the founder and CEO of the CompuLocks Group, Gad Alexander said, “We dominate the computer lock market as we try to innovate and bring out new products. We listen to our clients and strive to evolve new security solutions. The CL15T-xTrap is a result of our team‘s efforts for the feedback we got from our customers who, asked for a barely visible strong security system that can secure even laptop peripherals. We are glad with the patented design, our sales figures are also very encouraging. The back-to-school deal is to help the product reach schools and universities where vandalism is every day routine.”

The computer locking solutions company, CompuLocks Group and its founders have been selling locks 1983, and the group of companies operating under it include: comulocks, MacLocks, NotebookCarts and LaptopLocks. The company provides Computer locks, laptop carts and security locking solutions for Educational institutes, Healthcare organizations, Corporation accounts, Government/State agencies and to distributors all over the world. With a lifetime replacement warranty, Compulocks has reseller and affiliate programs too for those interested. For further details you may check the company website: http://www.compulocks.com/