29, February 2016: Spear collects two models of Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooters. They are Airwheel S5 and S3 respectively. She has an in-depth investigation into the two models. Thereby she is willing to share her experience with us about the difference between the two models. She will go into details in terms of the shaft, tyres and thrust.


Compared with Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3, Airwheel S5 is equipped with the foldable shaft. The previous user of Airwheel S3 makes endless complaints that Airwheel S3 cannot be put into the boot. They cannot carry it with them when they go for a trip. Therefore it inconveniences them very much. This time, Airwheel learns from this and improving the shaft in Airwheel S5. It makes a foldable shaft in S5 so that it can pack away into the boot. Now Spear can bring it with her when she goes for a long journey. This considerate design brings a lot of convenience to her. On this account, she thinks highly of it.

In terms of tyres, Airwheel installs two jumbo tyres in Airwheel S5 for its position. Airwheel S5 is positioned as the personal ATV, whereas Airwheel S3 is merely used for the even road. Thereby it is understandable that they are equipped with the different tyres. The two jumbo tyres are amounted on Airwheel S5. The two jumbo tyres enable S5 to pass many terrains and even steps. Just because of the two jumbo tyres, Airwheel S5 lives up to the market position. In another word, the two jumbo tyres make Airwheel S5 be the personal ATV.


Another improvement is also from the different market position. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter S5 has a stronger thrust than Airwheel S3. The tough terrains call for Airwheel S5 to own a stronger thrust. Airwheel S5 is equipped with a battery group, which is far stronger than Airwheel S3.

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