13, July 2017: Harnessing and stripping machines are two of the most important machineries in any industry. There are various modernized machines manufactured by different companies across the world. Going through the range of products and looking at the experience of the company helps in finalizing a good OEM. One of the companies that have been selling different wire harnessing machines is Cheers Electronic Technical Co., Ltd.

Buying machinery can be a big investment and it is important for the company to make a proper research. There various sizes, capacity, strength, etc. for different machines and it depends on the product that it will be manufacturing. The wiring harness machine has a productivity of around 6100 pieces per hour. The wire material is mainly PE and PVC; it also comes with a stripping length of 0.1mm to 10mm. It has wide applications and this machine tends to be really useful for creating horizontal and vertical molds. It is an ergonomic wire harnessing machine that provides the value for money. In order to buy the product the buyers can make an inquiry and get a free quote from the company. They can also have a look at the feedback provided by the previous buyers in order to make a smart purchase.

There are four different manual crimping tool available on the website. These products include pneumatic manual crimping tool AM6-4, pneumatic crimping tool AM6-6, pneumatic manual crimping tool FEK-5ND and pneumatic cable crimping tool AM6-10. These machines are small in size and they are quite flexible to use. The output force of the machine tends to be 13.5KN and its gross weight is around 6 kgs. It is important for the buyers to have a close look at the speed and the crimping force of the machines. It helps in determining the right machine that would suit their manufacturing needs. One can only trust an expert with these machines as they require high-end cylinders and high efficiency.

There are also the cable assembly machines that are required for various heavy duty industries. It comes with an English LCD display and weighs around 72kgs. The memory function is quite important in these machines and it has the capacity to store around 99 grouped programs. The blade is made of hard tungsten material and it works well with fiberglass cable, Teflon, PVC and other similar materials. Industrial processes require regular research and development. Cheers Electronic Technical Co., Ltd has various modernized machines that meet the requirements of present generation manufacturing industries.

About Cheers Electronic Technical Co., Ltd:

Cheers Electronic Technical Co., Ltd is a company based in China. It sells various wire harnessing, crimping and cable assembly machines. They have been in this field for a long time now and the company focuses on providing customized machines depending on the requirements of every sector.

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