Office and house cleaning services require two main things: a quality job and trustworthy employees. Lack either, and there is no way a service can last.  Commercial Cleaning Sydney has the experience and trust of Syndey’s finest business and homes to get the job done and done with trusted employees.


Unlike residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning requires a much deeper level of clean that can only come from heavy duty industrial cleaning equipment and materials.  Commercial Cleaning Sydney does a full on-site visual inspection and then suggests a package that will suit the specific needs of the customer.

“When you book a cleaning with us, you know up front what we will do and the expected cost. Call today and let us give you an estimate,” said Jammy White.

Each customer is different, and each cleaning situation is different.  This is why Commercial Cleaning Sydney treats each customer as an individual and not as another wallet or purse to drain.  Commercial Cleaning Sydney offers a full line of commercial cleaning services from windows to specialized hardware cleaning; contact Commercial Cleaning Sydney for all of your commercial cleaning needs.


Many times, businesses invest in shampooing machines and readily available vacuum cleaners with the idea of cleaning carpet.  Without the experience and understanding of deep carpet cleaning, they are throwing money away.  Commercial Cleaning Sydney offers a full service carpet cleaning system that deep cleans the carpet down to the mat.  This system removes stubborn dirt and grime from within the fibers of the carpet, leaving behind a clean, almost new carpet that is sure to leave a smile on the face of those who see and walk on it.

“When you hire us to clean your home or business, we do it right. You will be happy, we guarantee it. Call today to find out what we can do for you,” White said.


Because people who are on holiday want to stay somewhere that is clean and neat, our hospitality cleaning services cannot be bested by anyone in Sydney.  Using safe methods that are green and exceed the standards of cleanliness in the industry, our staff takes time and effort to be sure your hotel or Bed and Breakfast is in top notch shape for your guests.  Contact Commercial Cleaning Sydney for a full visit and quote to determine what services are best for you and for your business.

“Your guests are important and what they say when they leave will have a major impact on future business. Make sure they speak about your lodgings in glowing terms. Call us and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate for cleaning,” White said.

Commercial Cleaning Sydney is fully licensed, bonded and insured for our protection as well as yours.  Each of our employees have been trained in the latest cleaning techniques and equipment for their safety and yours.  Each business or home receives the same attention to detail and introspection as the next.  Trust your home or business to Commercial Cleaning Sydney.  You will not regret it.

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