UNITED KINGDOM - Entrance matting systems have evolved over the years and today, play an important role in defining the landscape of a home or an office. These systems combine the features of functionality, quality and durability that are important in keeping any real estate space presentable and traffic friendly. A company that has spent over 60 years in manufacturing high performance systems for customers worldwide is Geggus E.M.S UK Ltd.

The company is responsible for production and marketing of a wide range of entrance matting systems along with accessories. The variety in terms of use and maintenance of these products is one of a kind. There is a system for every kind of use. For instance, the Top Clean Light which is one of the leading products under the brand’s name is a matting system which can be used for practically any space as it contours well to small and cramped spaces. Also, easy to clean and highly functional these mats roll up easily on the floor without looking cumbersome.

Similarly, the Honeycomb Rubber mats which are a part of another entrance matting system are ideal for places where there is exposure to water and snow. A good choice for this time of the year, these mats make a great purchase for those who are trying to make their home or office space more functional.

The company develops its matting systems taking three aspects into consideration. Attractiveness, economy and effectiveness are those areas which help customers take maximum advantage from their matting. The company is today among top companies in the European markets with Geggus E.M.S leading the way. The man who is also an expert in the field has personally developed some of the leading products of the company.

Geggus E.M.S UK Ltd. along with advanced entrance matting systems is also involved in the production of frames made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel, noising and coir mats as well as products for the technical trade. This is a company which has consistently delivered on its promise of maintaining the highest standard of quality for more than 60 years now. To know more and place an order, log onto www.geggus.co.uk

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