Suzhou City, China; 18, July 2016: Kunshan Boda’s new concrete technology aims at building new magnesium cement board, which will prove conducive in erecting long-lasting buildings. This new generation magnesium cement product comes with superior thermal and acoustic properties. The panel is made of a kind of artificial crystal that is synthesized by magnesium oxide, polystyrene bead and Quartz.

According to the company spokesperson, this new technology is behind the development of the cement board that is 50% stronger, but significantly lighter than other common sheathing materials used in the building industry. The board is said to have superior properties, offering fire resistance, mold resistance and environment-friendly benefits, and it is free from Chloride and meets the ASTM standard, which has been tested for used in construction and interior projects with 30 years warranty. The spokesperson reveals how does traditional mgo board damage steel structural and paint ,how they solve the fetal flaw.

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The RockMax Tile Backer Board is another great invention of the company that is going to influence the building and construction industry in a big manner. The board is mainly created using magnesium and cement and has a significantly lower water absorption rate. With a reduced weight of 50% in comparison to other sheathing materials, the board can be used in walls and underlayment. The board exhibits superior fire resistant and water resistant properties and can be suitable for various kinds of construction works.

The company also boasts of its high strength and lightweight Floor Panel that offers a great insulation to sound and heat. The panel is fireproof, waterproof, mold proof and environment friendly and can be used in the loft floor, container floor and other applications. The panel is lightweight, but very strong with a bending strength of over 25 Mpa.

Using the new concrete technology, Kunshan Boda Building Material Company is all set to transform the traditional ways and materials used in the building industry. The new boards and panels offered by them will allow constructing solid structures in an easy and quick manner.

About Kunshan Boda Building Material Co., Ltd:

Kunshan Boda Building Material Company is a new company established in 2010, which is a professional producer of magnesium cement boards. The company’s production base covers 10000 m2, located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, about 60 km from Shanghai. They continue to research and develop on new concrete technology that has been ahead of the industry. The group company has been a member of CFPA (China Fire Protection Industry Association) since 2003.

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