12, April 2016: As a tradition of Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will come to the houses of young kids to give them mysteries gifts, and this is the most expected thing for those young and naïve kids who hope for a surprise from Santa Claus. This year, there is a great Santa Claus who commuted with Airwheel S6 saddle equipped scooter.


The old man would give gifts to all the kids in the neighborhood on Christmas Eve every year because the old man is warm-hearted and rich enough to realize the naïve dreams of every kid in the neighborhood. This year, the old man take on Airwheel S6 sitting-posture self-balancing scooter on Christmas Eve, being a very creative and fashionable Santa Claus.


On Christmas Eve, the old man packed all the gifts in a large bag and started his special journey as a Santa Claus in the neighborhood. And the whole thing of being a Santa Clause becomes wonderful by riding with Airwheel S6 electric self-balancing scooter. He was able to ride across the streets and quickly reached the house of every kid. The he would stop by each house and knocked the door. He gave the gift to the parents of kids and went out the house to have a short chat with the family happily. With the Airwheel S6 saddle equipped self-balancing scooter, he would save a lot of time on roads and visited more houses.

By riding with Airwheel S6 sitting-posture electric scooter, the old man was able to enjoy more fun from being a Santa Claus when young kids gather around him on the streets. He was able to hold the young kids on his knees and enjoyed an interesting riding with kids on the handle-free electric scooter. Young kid love the Santa Claus on Airwheel scooter so much.

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