MUMBAI — Mumbai’s real estate has evolved over the years and today is known for world class structures and establishments. In a way, the entire country looks up to the commercial properties in Mumbai which have developed to be the best example of India’s progress towards achieving infrastructural excellence. Properties of today are modern yet maintain the highest standards in construction and design. And, it is this growth that Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai based real estate powerhouse is part of.

This company was first established in 2003 but, in a short span of time developed structures in over 20 million sq. ft. in space. The fast track growth of the company can be owed to the heavy investment in research, design and the constant commitment to delivering quality. The company is the proud developer of some of the well noted commercial properties in Mumbai , among which ‘The Summit-Business Bay’ commercial center has received widespread interest. Businesses both big and small are now a part of this growing establishment which also happens to be in one of the prime locations of the city.

Some of the many commercial properties are more than mere office spaces. They are nothing short of a private work space with amenities to help the workforce spend their time well in the office. To this, Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt. Ltd. has made it a point to include amenities that not only offer comfort and convenience but, also help employees enhance their performance. Some of the examples include a cafeteria, roof top restaurant, gymnasium among others. These amenities can also be used to explore untapped potential in networking with prospective clients.

In other words, the company has given thought to every design detail and construction feature to give the owner/renter the luxury of having to experience brilliance in architectural excellence. The company and its design team are also working on a long list of other ongoing projects which are destined to change the real estate landscape in Mumbai. These projects are going to stand for values that will soon become quality standards in the industry. To know more about these projects and contact the company, log onto

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