Denver, Colorado (May 19, 2016) - Commercial Loan Broker Institute announced this week that they will be offering financing options to all students. This new payment structure allows loan brokers to pay for their training and marketing with the earnings that they will make after they've opened their new firms. This allows brokers to launch their businesses quickly and easily.

The Institute’s Commercial Loan Broker Training Program (including training, local leads, ongoing mentorship and support, full branding, a custom website, and ongoing marketing) has always been a one-time investment of $18,500. This new program now allows students to secure a training spot with a deposit of only $9,500. With this deposit, the marketing department immediately launches the new company's branding, website development, and marketing. After graduation from the Institute, the remaining balance is only $1,500 a month for 6 months.

Thomas O’Rourke, the CEO of Commercial Loan Broker Institute, explains, “This financing option will allow students to obtain the training that they need to be a successful loan broker without breaking their bank. We wanted to offer a solution for those who are interested in a career as a loan broker, but cannot afford to pay for classes outright. We expect to see a rise in enrollment now that training has become more attainable for more folks.”

The Commercial Loan Broker Institute offers full training, a completely customized marketing package and on-site mentoring for its students, making it one of the top training facilities in the field. Students are led by a team of experienced brokers, lenders and industry professionals providing all of the knowledge and training that an aspiring loan broker will need for success.

Shane Walton, a principal at Commercial Loan Broker Institute explains, “We strive to give our students the power of financial freedom and by implementing this new financing program, we are giving them an even greater head-start to obtaining that. By giving people the option to pay only a portion up-front, we are partnering in the investment in their success.”

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